El Dorado County:

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Welcome to El Dorado County Park Watch

One of the goals of El Dorado County is to provide a safe and enjoyable recreational experience for all parks, trails and river user.

On the County‘s ParkWatch site you will find invaluable information on what’s happening at our parks, on our trails and on the river, as well as safety tips, maps, brochures and an incident reporting tool.

What Is Park Watch?

The Park Watch Program is an effort by the County to inform users how they can help keep the parks, trails and river a safe and enjoyable place to visit. This reporting tool allows the user to identify a hazard, accident or unsafe condition while on the trail/river or at one of the Countys parks. Complete the easy on-line registration to become a ParkWatch member.  Once you have become a ParkWatch member click on Report to identify the issue.

If what you are reporting is an emergency or you are observing a crime in progress, please call 911.

Our Parks & Trails:

  1. El Dorado Trail/SPTC Corridor
  2. Rubicon Trail
  3. Bradford Park
  4. Cronan Park
  5. Henningsen Lotus Park
  6. Joe’s Skate Park
  7. Pioneer Park
  8. South Fork of the American River





01/27/2017 04:14 PM
The El Dorado Trail is CLOSED from Parkway Drive to Walkabout Way due to a mudslide that o...


01/27/2017 04:12 PM
The Henningsen Lotus Park is CLOSED on the river side due to flood damage during the last...


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